Aquí tenemos la historia ganadora del concurso que organiza para Halloween, 'Creepy Stories', el departamento de inglés de nuestro centro. Enhorabuena a la ganadora.


The shadow

Yesterday was Halloween's night. I was supposed to meet my friends, so I started to get ready.

It was a cold day. I was taking my jacket when I heard someone screaming and a few seconds later I heard a firecracker. I thought they would be children.

I left home and closed the door with keys because there weren't no one at home. I started walking towards my friend's house. Then, I looked up and my heartbeat began to speed up, my legs were shaking. There was a male or maybe female shadow dressed in black with a knife in his hand. By its shape I realised that it was a man, but I wasn't entirely sure.

I took three steps back to reach the corner and take another street. The shadow didn't move.

When I took the other street and looked ahead, there it was, the shadow again. “Maybe its a prank from my friends” I thought, but it was exactly the same shadow, the same man. Same height, same width, same distance and same position. How has he gotten there so fast? I repeated the same thing that I did before and went back. I was terrified. This time I took to the right. And then, ther it was again. On that moment my pulsations increased even more, I felt the tears on my cheeks and I started to scream. I closed my eyes strongly. When I oppened them, my heart stopped beating. The man was millimeters of me, I could feel his breathing. I screamed louder.

Suddenly, I don't know what happened but I'm walking through the town. Nobody can hear me, nobody can feel me, nobody can see me.

I think I'm dead.